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The Teacher is Now the Student

Here's my story.

I have successfully navigated the world of nutrition as a 9 to 5'er, a loyal and responsible employee for 37 years.

I maintained all my necessary certifcations, completed all my required job tasks (and then some), feverishly worked on all required reports and turned them in on time.

I mentored and supervised employees and student interns throughout my career. I was near the top of the heap -- a stellar employee managing a department. I sweated over and lost sleep over every decision I made, hoping my decisions worked out for the good of the cause. I had made it, I thought. But when I left I was exhausted.

Life circumstances changed which landed me back in Ohio (my home state), downshifting my career from 8 years in management, back to my passion of nutrition counseling -- working with people one-on-one to increase their understanding and tackle their nutrition road blocks.

What the heck am I thinking?

When most folks are planning retirement - spending the rest of life sleeping in, reading good books, catching up on favorite TV programs, with leisurely travel -- I am just getting started. Say what?!?!!

I have always said I'm a little late to the party, but once I catch on, look out. I hope this remains true as it's a whole new world out there. The Gen X'ers and millennials have one up on me! They are wiz kids with online business and social media.

I am plodding through free webinars, ebooks, online emails, Facebook marketing, blogging, vlogging, live video, building websites, meta tags, vector graphics, SEO, CTA, conversions, YouTube, LinkedIn, and on and on and on.

I check the online profiles of past students or employees that have crossed my path and - WOW - they have thriving businesses! It is impressive and overwhelming. Now I look to them for guidance and inspiration. A shout out and kudos to: Franziska Spritzler RD (, Aaron Flores RD (, Glenys Oyston RD ( and Janice Dada RD (

Can this old girl find her niche once again?

I am either overqualified or don't have enough of an "online presence", not entrepreneurial enough, so I've been told. What ever happened to face-to-face communication skills? What ever happened to appreciation of the "art" of a profession that can only be learned by years of valuable experience?

At a recent family gathering I realized that I would be considered a "genius" when comparing notes with my fellow baby boomer relatives because unlike them, I have mastered common computer skills. But that ain't gonna cut it!

I am still chasing a dream. I envy my husband as he is content - content to relax, not sweat the small stuff. It frustrates me so when I realize, really he's the smarter one? -- even though I refuse to let him know this.

Should I give this dream up and just sail off into the sunset?

Maybe I will some day - kicking and screaming, even though I can't move my legs.

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